INSPIR3’s Demonstration Project Needs

Legacy is not what I did for myself. It’s what I’m doing for the next generation.

-Victor Belfort

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  • Requested one-time capital investment = $120 MM

  • Average Annual Revenue = $85.1 MM

  • Average Annual Surplus = $37.5 MM

  • Average Number of people served per year = 25,000

  • Average number of interns employed & trained per year = 120

  • Possible return on investment of $7 for every $1 invested, which leads to $3.4 billion saved after 5 years of operations, and $550 million every subsequent year

  • 120,000 square-foot, energy-efficient building using restorative hospital design, including a 16,000 square-foot child play care facility

  • 57 outpatient treatment rooms customized with sound proofing to preserve confidentiality

  • 120 inpatient treatment rooms, separated by adolescent and adult male/female

  • Integrated technology to enable mentorship of interns

  • Seamless collaboration between different mental health specialties

  • Online therapy across the entire facility