Our Solution

Together we make possibilities happen for you.


INSPIR3 is not a typical mental wellness facility, it has been created to be an affordable, accessible, and quality-focused refuge of help, healing, and hope for you and the community as a whole. 

  • A ONE-STOP CENTER with five mental health professions where all your mental health care needs can be met so you will GET HELP FASTER than the typical months-long wait many of us deal with.

  • You will receive AFFORDABLE and QUALITY CARE from the next generation of mental health professionals, all of whom will specialize in areas such as stabilization care, detox and drug addiction treatment, child therapy, and post traumatic stress therapy to better serve you .

  • To IMPROVE YOUR COMMUNITY, we will be offering classes, group training, and life-skills classes for various topics including, but not limited to, anger management, drug treatment, parenting, and learning styles.

  • To save you time and make services more accessible to you, we will have:

    • On-site childcare

    • Ability to pay with cash or insurance

    • Online therapy