Impact & Savings

  • The United States spends $444 billion dollars a year on mental health.

    • 2/3 of this cost to you comes from disability payments and lost productivity, even though preventative treatment can mitigate these costs.

  • When adjusted for inflation, Nevada spent $96.56 per capita on mental health, which amounts to approximately $200 million spent on these avoidable costs per year.

  • Increasing the diagnosis and treatment of depression and substance abuse can result in a $7-$11 savings for every $1 dollar invested, by decreasing overall health-care costs, restoring productivity, and improving recovery or remission.

  • INSPIR3 will be the DEMONSTRATION PROGRAM towards this new initiative and only needs ~$120 million dollars.

  • After 5 years of operations, WE WOULD SAVE YOU $3.4 BILLION DOLLARS.


Aren't you tired of wasting time and money? We are too. It's time that we invest in quality, preventative mental wellness services and stop trying to use a Band-Aid to fix a broken infrastructure.