If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.

-Isaac Newton

  • What is INSPIR3? 

INSPIR3 is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) educational mental health hospital, which will specialize in providing inpatient and outpatient mental wellness and crisis stabilization services to the Southern Nevada community. Our mission is to educate the next genretaion of mental health professionals so we can meet the challenges in today’s world. As an educational center, INSPIR3 will prepare mental health and substance abuse and treatment graduates and post-graduates for certification and licensure.

  • Is INSPIR3 a registered 501(c)(3) organization? 

Yes, INSPIR3 has been a registered 501(c)(3) organization with a hospital designation (Schedule C) since 2014. Our tax-exemption number is 46-2472079. INSPIR3 is a teaching hospital. According to the IRS, a facility can be designated as a hospital if it meets the following criteria:

"An organization is a hospital if its principal purpose or function is providing medical or hospital care or medical education or research. Medical care includes treatment of any physical or mental disability or condition, on an inpatient or outpatient basis. Thus, if an organization is a rehabilitation institution, outpatient clinic, or community mental health or drug treatment center, it is a hospital if its principal function is providing treatment services as described above."

  • Are donations to INSPIR3 tax-deductible?

INSPIR3 is a federally registered 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization. Therefore, donations to INSPIR3 are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law for an individual or corporation. Please consult with a tax professional to determine if and to what extent your donation is tax-deductible. 

  • What services will INSPIR3 provide? What is INSPIR3's specialization?

INSPIR3 will offer a variety of services to the community including therapy, psychiatric medical management, psychological testing, case management, substance abuse and addictions treatment, crisis stabilization, and educational seminars.

INSPIR3's mental health professionals and interns will be encouraged to seek out specialized certifications within their respective field in support of the community's treatment needs.

  • How is INSPIR3 an educational center?

INSPIR3 will function as a premier educational center in Nevada, providing exceptional and quality mental wellness services to the community while properly training the next generation of mental health professionals.

INSPIR3 will be one of the first mental health centers in the valley that will extensively employ and pay mental health interns ensuring that INSPIR3 can be selective about the candidates we accept. All of our interns will receive direct supervision free of charge by INSPIR3-employed, licensed professionals, which will preserve excellence of training and intern accountability. By comparison, other facilities in the valley charge interns supervision and room rental fees, which often limits their ability to acquire necessary licensure/training hours. 

  • Who is INSPIR3's target market? Who can use INSPIR3's services? 

We will treat life stressors, mental health diagnoses, addictions and recovery, support, physical disabilities, and court-mandated treatment. Anybody and everybody is welcome. 

  • What is mental wellness and how does it differ from mental health?

Mental health often has a negative perception associated with individuals who have severe mental disorders. This has led to a societal stigmatization of mental health services and an unwillingness for people to seek the help they need for life stressors.

Mental wellness, on the other hand, serves two purposes: it reflects INSPIR3's commitment to an individual's overall mental well-being regardless of a mental health diagnosis and combats the negative stigma associated with mental health treatment. Because mental health is just as important as physical health, we want everyone in our community to have access to mental wellness services.

  • Who does INSPIR3 plan to collaborate with?

As a community support center, INSPIR3 plans to establish strong strategic partnerships with referral sources and insurance providers in the area. These are categorized into eight main groups: mental health professionals, medical professionals/hospitals, school districts/universities, legal system, military, employers/insurance providers, licensing organizations, and community organizations. 

  • Why does INSPIR3 want to build its own building as opposed to leasing or renting office space?

Economically, building our center is cheaper and saves you money in the long run. It will also ensure that your acts of kindness in helping build INSPIR3 will continue long into the future and help the maximum number of people. 

INSPIR3 plans to use restorative hospital design. This process creates an environment that restores health by allowing patients and employees to feel more connected to nature and their surroundings and are constructed with healthy materials, as well as designed for resilience to extreme weather. Further, the building will be equipped with solar power, LEED certified and have built-in soundproofing to maintain client confidentiality.

Building our hospital from the ground up will allow us to incorporate the above-mentioned sustainability and environmentally friendly designs, will also allowing us to create customized, technology enabled rooms to give our interns the best possible learning experiences and provide the community with quality care. It is likely that retrofitting will cost more money in the long-run, and owning our center will prevent leasing/renting increases from causing financial instability.

  • Why doesn't INSPIR3 start out small and grow over time?

Mental health care in Nevada is at an all-time low and continually challenged by state budget cuts, high costs of care, and low availability of qualified professionals. We need a new approach in the face of these shortcomings within the current system.  INSPIR3 has mapped out a replicable plan of action that addresses the community's mental health needs with a focus on accessibility, affordability, and quality care. The proposed start-up costs will allow INSPIR3 to create a self-funded structure while maintaining low costs for quality treatment to the community.  INSPIR3 considered alternative approaches and in each instance, we forecasted that we would fall into similar predicaments as other mental health facilities in the valley and be unable to meet the needs of our target population. A large-scale training hospital will help to make more impactful change on the mental health workforce shortage, and provide necessary training opportunities that are currently lacking.

  • How does INSPIR3 know its business model will work?

We have designed INSPIR3 after medical teaching hospitals that currently exist and have operated successfully for many years. Successful programs across the United States address mental health & drug treatment in an integrated fashion using evidence-based research. INSPIR3 has built its business model on components from the following programs:

•Connecticut Mental Health Center

•Betty Ford Foundation

•Reflections Rehab in Northern California

•Beachway Therapy Center in Del Ray, Florida

•Sierra Tucson in Tucson, Arizona

•Michael’s House in Palm Springs, California

•La Paloma in Memphis, Tennessee

•The Center in Edmonds, Washington

•McLean Hospital in Massachusetts

•Connecticut Anxiety and Depression Treatment Center in Farmington, Connecticut

The concepts that INSPIR3 is built upon are not new, but how INSPIR3 is put together is unique. Because all of the individual elements that make up INSPIR3 have been successful in the past, we know it will work for our community.