Capital Campaign

You will be a part of the movement that created a stronger infrastructure, a stable mental health workforce, and a mental wellness solution for the people. LEAVE A LEGACY.

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  • Requested one-time capital investment = $120 MM

  • Average Annual Revenue = $85.1 MM

  • Average Annual Surplus = $37.5 MM

  • Average Number of people served per year = 25,000

  • Average number of interns employed & trained per year = 120

  • Possible return on investment of $7 for every $1 invested, which leads to $3.4 billion saved after 5 years of operations, and $550 million every subsequent year.

  • 120,000 square-foot, energy-efficient building, including a 16,000 square-foot child play care facility.

  • 57 outpatient treatment rooms customized with sound proofing to preserve confidentiality.

  • 120 inpatient treatment rooms, separated by adolescent and adult male/female.

  • Integrated technology to enable mentorship of interns.

  • Seamless collaboration between different mental health specialties.

  • Online therapy across the entire facility.

If you're ready to help improve Nevada, visit our donate page or sign our petition to the government requesting funding. Every donation counts and is immensely appreciated!