We Need a Mental Health Leader in Nevada to INSPIR3 Change
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This article casts a harsh light on the desperate efforts of Las Vegas care providers to cling to any available services amidst an utter void of qualified mental health providers.  The strategy of passing underserved patients into the care of uninterested, profit-focused independent living facilities amounts to little more than hopes and prayers that it will be enough.  And, if Rayshauna Roy’s fatal experience is any proof, it is not enough.

INSPIR3, an up and coming entrant into Nevada’s mental wellness system, offers real solutions that combat the current apathetic system.  Most relevant to this recent tragedy is the training of approximately 100 highly qualified mental health professionals per year supplying a much-needed infusion of licensed practitioners to the state.  Further, INSPIR3’s ever-growing partnerships and care network would cross current inter-organizational boundaries and foster increased awareness and communication all throughout the local communities. Additionally, the size and scope of INSPIR3’s facility in conjunction with its well-awareness campaign will break down one of the greatest challenges to mental health care (knowing where to go). 

There are many other ways that INSPIR3 can break through the current issues plaguing Nevada’s mental health care.  If you want to take a stand with INSPIR3 against Nevada’s apathy toward mental wellness, you can show your support in one of three ways:

1.       Sign our petition asking the government to fund mental health care

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3.       Volunteer and Donate

Commentary on “Mentally ill woman dies after transfer to unlicensed Las Vegas group home” by Ramona Giwarigis

By: C. Dole