World Domination Using Mind Control

World Domination Using Mind ControlYes, I am going to tell you how to rule the world, but it’s really not with mind control. Rather, you have to learn to have control of your mind before you take over the throne. The throne that is, of your personal kingdom.

Unless you are hopelessly lost in victim mode, you understand that life is what YOU alone make of it. You also know that having control means taking control and not waiting around for someone else to do for you what you should be doing for yourself. Unfortunately just knowing that isn’t helping because too many of us fail to realize our dreams or reach our goals and that is precisely why I am here to help you along with that.

One of the biggest problems in living life the way we really want to is that our minds have us brainwashed. We think we have to “feel like it” first. We spend the day chasing our emotions and if those emotions aren’t gung ho about what we know is good and right for us, chances are it just isn’t happening. The stability and focus needed to truly hold dominion over our own existence has gone to hell in a hand basket.

Or worse yet, your mind dishes up all the excuses in the world about how you don’t have time, the right circumstances, “luck” or whatever to get what your most desire in this life.

How much control can you possibly exert over your own life if you can’t first control your mind?

Some of you who are in management, mid-management or another highly responsible position might disagree and say you are adept at ruling even though you are a stress ridden basket case. But, come on now, that stress shows up somehow even if it’s a heart attack or other stress related killer – and that dear, is not living. In fact, that is the opposite of World Domination, rather more like crash and burn.

Let’s face it, relationships, circumstances, finances down to a huge pimple right in time for your first date…, these life events are forces that are unavoidable. Developing an inner equilibrium to navigate these forces with clarity, awareness and power is what is going to determine how you hold court in your most personal world. So the question is, how to do that.

World Domination Using Mind Control

  • Strengthen your mental process using meditation and practice present moment awareness
  • Refuse to chase your moods all over the map. Emotions are nothing more than passing clouds. Stop attaching yourself to them and allow them to pass. If you need help with that, get it now.
  • Direct your mind always on what you want instead of ruminating on what you don’t want. Your mind will challenge you with this, but your life is not your mind, so just notice what’s happening and redirect back to what you want.
  • Keep your eyes on the prize and stop waiting to “feel like it”.
  • Walk away from people, places and things that don’t line up with the kingdom you want to create for yourself. This can be a toughie, but making room for those people, places and things that will support a life you love living is critical.
  • Get out of your head and into your work boots. The life you want isn’t inside your head, it’s out here and it takes effort. Hard work brings great results.
  • Even the tiniest step in the right direction will get you further along than you are right now. Start taking those steps.
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