What is Personal Development?

Every so often in life something happens that leaves us looking at where we are at.  Sometimes we’re shocked.  “How did things get this far away from me?” You might think to yourself.  Or, maybe you are quite proud of how things are going.  Those times are awesome.

Either way you see your life as it is today, you’ll always find room for improvement.  Maybe you’d like to eat healthier, change careers, improve your relationship, or start that book you keep thinking about writing.  Maybe you just need some help in finding the direction towards the path you prefer to be on.

THAT is where personal development comes into play.  It’s about collecting tools to make things easier and clearer for you.  It’s about getting the job done the best way possible.  Relationship tools, job tools, emotional and mental tools, lots of tools for lots of living.

Look at it this way.  You wouldn’t try to hang a picture by using a banana to beat the nails into the wall, right?  You need the right tools for the job at hand.  I’m sure we’ll all agree that a hammer would be best for pounding nails into a wall.

Now, do you expect that hammer to get up all by itself and pound those nails into the wall?  Of course not, you pick up the hammer; you use your own strength, and you beat the nails into the wall.

What sort of hammer might be something to consider.  You may like a heavy hammer with a wooden handle, while I prefer the pink handled variety.  What sort of hammer doesn’t matter, it only matters which hammer works best for your unique way of living.

So, personal development is the hammer, and other important tools that will help you enhance your life.  It’s about putting a tool box together in a way that’s going to serve the job of living in the way you want to live it.  Personal Development is about collecting tools you pick up and use.  It’s really as simple as that.

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