Top Marriage Books: Improve Your Marriage Before it Begins

Top Marriage Books Improve Your Marriage Before it BeginsFor every book you read about wedding planning, vow to read one that will help your relationship last a lifetime. What will your everyday life be like once you’ve settled into married life? Have you and your intended planned your financial future beyond the honeymoon?

Don’t worry if you don’t have perfect answers because there are an array of excellent resources from relationship experts, such as Christian leader Ed Young and international speaker Dr. Gary Chapman, that will help you ask the right questions and find answers. Recommendations are broken into two categories: relationships and finances. So, stop by the book store, order online, pop into your local library or download them onto your e-reader.


“The 10 Commandments of Marriage: The Do’s and Don’ts for a Lifelong Covenant”

Written from a biblical perspective,Pastor Young’s book is a fantastic read for both of you. Regardless of your personal, religious preference or spiritual enthusiasm, it’ll leave a lasting impression and provide profound perspectives with a sense of humor.

“Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts: Seven Questions to Ask Before and After You Marry”

Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott are relationship experts and co-author this relationship guide. Among their stellar list of credentials, Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott are the founders of Seattle Pacific University’s Center for Relationship Development. Their work is so well done that the book, including its optional DVD lessons and workbooks, have been used by churches across the country as a basis for premarital counseling. We’d say it’s definitely worth a read.

“Things I Wish I’d Known Before We Got Married”

Poets and lyricists the world over might suggest that “love is all you need,” but relationship experts know that communication and conflict resolution are key for sustaining a loving relationship. Dr. Gary Chapman is a New York Times best-selling author and has spent 35 years counseling couples. This book is an easy read with only 144 pages, yet it gives couples valuable insight on how to build a solid foundation for their relationship.


“For Richer Not Poorer: The Newlywed’s Financial Survival Guide”

Money is known to be a huge source of stress for a couple, unless you’re in agreement about how to manage your finances together. This resource, complete with exercises and worksheets, will help navigate the murky financial aspect of your partnership. This book tackles a variety of potential issues, from having your dream wedding without breaking the bank to talking about your financial history and debt. Author Deborah Wilburn, a former financial columnist for “Modern Bride,” also covers practical and tactical topics like merging (or not merging) bank accounts, insurance policies, taxes, savings and financial attitudes.

“America’s Cheapest Family Gets You Right on the Money: Your Guide to Living Better, Spending Less, and Cashing in on Your Dreams”

Authors Steve and Annette Economides don’t have degrees in finance or earn huge salaries, but they have a family of seven and a debt-free life. This book provides practical and applicable tips that have effectively worked for their family. The Economides’ goal is to prevent couples from living paycheck to paycheck, get out of dept and eliminate the “buy now, pay later” mindset that has infected so many of us.

Thank you to George Brown for this article. Once a man of the cloth, now George gives relationship advice and is a couples counselor for all denominations. Check out the books suggested, and download the free Mindful Loving eBook (No registration needed).

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  1. If someone said to you “I am going to invest the next thirty years of my life to come up with the solutions to the greatest relationship problems,” what would that be worth to you? Now, multiply that by 50, and that comes close to the value in this book.

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