The Shame of the Blame Game

Shame of the Blame GameI am taking off my Life Coach hat for a minute and putting on my boxing gloves. If you are looking for peace of mind or soothing comfort, you might want to choose a different post to read.

One thing has become painfully clear to me through all of the political propaganda being thrown in our faces. That is that no matter which way we look we have become a society of expert blamers. What’s even more painful to admit, is we eat the crap up like its gold. Let’s blame the president, let’s blame the guy that’s running for president. Let’s blame the 1%, the 47%, the weather, Oh, I know, it’s because gays are getting married. Right? How about, the big elephant sitting on the heartbeat of not only our great nation, but our world that no one even wants to talk about?

Pointing fingers and dredging up the pettiest piece of garbage possible seems to be Big News and unfortunately that is not going to change, unless we change. Who hasn’t heard that before? But you can’t escape the truth of the matter and it leaves me very curious at this point. Do we even want to change? It sure is easier to blame “him”, “her”, or everyone or everything else instead of rolling up our sleeves and doing something about it.

Sure, we can’t all control everything, but we can certainly do more than what we are doing. It starts at home people, and to bring it down to the most common denominator, it starts with you. YOUR life is no one else’s fault but your own. Sure, bad things happen and bad things suck, but if you have a choice left to take, then the choice is yours. Sitting around placing blame just means you are too weak to pull up your big boy pants or big girl panties and take care of business.

As far as the world and our country go, there are ways we can turn things around. WE need to hold ourselves accountable and we need to stop waiting for someone else to start doing it first. Of course no one person can change the world, but if enough people wanted to badly enough, without resorting to death, mayhem and destruction, I’m willing to bet they could at least make a sizable ripple. How about we start by accepting the fact that the state of affairs in this world is not our government’s fault; it’s ours for putting up with it?

As far as ourselves go, it starts with refusing to blame anyone else for anything that we have the capability of controlling. No one “makes you mad”; no one “Makes you” do anything unless they use brute force like a gun to your head. Remember. It starts at home, with each of us.

If we could all just choose ONE thing to stop blaming on someone or something else and do ONE thing to make a positive change, there would be millions of people doing just one thing and that would add up to something amazing.

Yes, shame on the blame game and we are all guilty. I for one intend to do at least one thing about it.

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