The Easiest Ways to Be More Positive Today

Become more positiveWhen I talk about being more positive, I don’t mean to run from problems or pretend everything is great, grand and glorious if it’s not. Rather, I mean positive in that there is a sense of empowerment and hopefulness. To be fully aware that no matter what struggles you are facing, that you have the fortitude, perseverance and discipline to move past the problems and enjoy a peaceful existence.

Becoming more positive will allow you to have a dramatically healthier and happier existence. That is just not about you though. Sure, it’s for you to accomplish for yourself, but also to pursue for anyone you truly care about. You simply must set a positive example in order to support your loved ones health and well-being. Seriously, if you can’t do that you might want to look at how much you truly care about those in your life you claim to value the most, because bringing others down due to your own negativity is no way to show love.

Here are the easiest ways to be more positive today:

1. Now, and forever, give up your right to suffer. There are people who have it far worse than you and the level of suffering you allow yourself to have over events that are not life threatening to yourself or others is disrespectful. Forgive yourself of this selfishness, pull up your big boy or big girl pants and move on from suffering, whining and complaining .

2. Fully accept ownership for your life. No more blaming other people, places or situation for where you are at today. When you give yourself permission to make the best decisions for you, regardless of what others think, you are on your way to true happiness. With that comes the responsibility of not blaming anyone else if those decisions aren’t working out the way you planned. Instead, make the choice to improve your decision making skills and let all others off the hook of having any sort of ownership over your life.

3. Realize this is it. Got that? This is not a dress rehearsal. There are no “do-overs” and there is no “delete” button. The future is not guaranteed to you past this very moment in time either. Ask yourself what you want to make of this moment – the only space in time that you can feel sure that you have. What do you want? Do you want happiness, peace, contentment? It is a choice you make – I hope you make the best one.

These easy ways to be more positive might not seem so easy to you if you are addicted to drama. Maybe you are afraid you won’t know who you are if you are more positive, or maybe you think life will be boring if there is no animosity to keep you occupied. If that’s the case, get an accountability partner or someone who can help you work through the issues that are keeping your life on the gloomy side. Immerse yourself in everything that is positive, including music, books, creativity, moving your body, food that will nourish you and anything else you can think of that makes you feel good and doesn’t take away from anyone else’s right to also feel that way.

Remember: Working to be more positive is like taking a shower; you need to do it often if you want to the best results.

Finally, give up the excuses and just do it. If you are afraid of losing friends because you turn to the sunny side of life, then those people were never your friends to begin with. Being more positive is easier than you think if you set a serious intention and dedicate yourself to taking the action you need to take to get there. Let me know if you need some help getting started.

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3 thoughts on “The Easiest Ways to Be More Positive Today

  1. I really enjoyed this one, Tracy, and you are so right. Taking possession of yourself, your life, your feelings and situation clears all the negative energy you might be projecting on to other people.

  2. Common Marital Problems July 17, 2013 at 3:23 am - Reply

    Good Post. I am a great believer that men and women can train themselves to become more positive. Thank you for sharing!

    • Thanks! That means a lot coming from a fellow professional. I believe focusing on what you want instead of staying stuck in the problem is critical – in relationships and life in general.

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