Stand Up for Mental Health

general-300x250Healthy Place, America’s Mental Health Channel is kicking off their 2013 Stand Up for Mental Health Campaign. This campaign is quite a bit different than others because the efforts are on eradicating the stigma those who are suffering from a mental health disorder faces, but also addresses the self-stigma that many with mental health issues also face. I stand for this cause and I hope you will consider joining me and the millions of others who are facing or have a loved one facing any sort of mental health issues.

According to Harvard Medical studies the lifetime prevalence rates for mental disorders, including substance abuse is 57.4%, or 1 out of every 2 Americans. What this looks like is if you don’t suffer from any type of mental illness or substance abuse, it has or will hit someone you love or are close to. With this in mind, learning how you can find help, support and encouragement and taking your own stand for mental health is something that will help others also take their own stand.

The Stand up for Mental Health Campaign hopes to drive the point home that there is nothing “wrong” with having a mental illness. If you are someone you love is struggling with a mental illness, there are resources available to help. There is no longer a need to hide mental health symptoms or avoid seeking treatment. There is hope! Click here to take a stand: Trusted Mental Health Information and Support

Here is a video to learn more about the Stand Up for Mental Health campaign:

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