Spring Cleaning for your Mind

Spring Cleaning for your MindA clean and organized area improves your outlook – in fact extensive studies have been conducted that proves there are many deeper benefits to maintaining a clean environment than you might think about right off the top of your head.

Not only do you feel better, but your health and wellbeing are improved. A clean space is more sanitary and less likely to accumulate dust mite feces and other really gross things that you breathe in and out without really stopping to give it much thought. Oh, and for those of you who have a dislike of spiders, house spiders love to feast on dust mites, so less dust equates to less house spiders as well.

Speaking of dust, toxins such as lead and other dangerous chemicals have been found in dust settling – All Over the World! Keeping those toxins cleaned up as much as possible is more important than ever.

Anyway, that extensive spring cleaning that you do, hopefully more than once a year improves everything, including your mental state. But let’s drill down a bit more and see how to optimize those deep cleaning efforts to include clearing the cobwebs out of your mind. Because, guess what? Cleaning out your mind will continue to improve your health and wellbeing, and improve your outlook. We could all use a little more of that, couldn’t we?

Spring Cleaning for Your Mind Part One

  • Get out a blank sheet of paper and write for five minutes without stopping. Don’t worry about grammar or even making sense; just get whatever is in your mind – out.
  • When you are finished, consider what you wrote. Make a list of what you want to keep and put it in a nice neat and tidy “To Do” list.
  • When you have your To Do list complete, create another list of “Things to deal with”. Those are the thoughts you recognize as being repetitive because you haven’t found resolution to them. Maybe its resentments, negative self talk or anything else that isn’t serving your highest good.
  • Now you can use those two lists to check things off that you need to do or to deal with once and for all. There is no need to put them back in your head because you have them written down on paper. Find a great Life Coach if you need help or an accountability partner.
  • Burn the original list, or at least just tear it up into little pieces and throw it away.
  • Repeat daily, weekly or monthly depending on what you feel you need.

Spring Cleaning for Your Mind Part Two

Completing your brain dump will alleviate your mind from feeling it has to keep churning so much to remind you of things, but it will still think because that’s it’s job, but this time around, commit to remaining detached from all those thoughts. When you step back from your thoughts you can see you are not your thoughts and you can let them pass by like storm clouds during rainy season.

Become the orchestrator of your thoughts if you MUST think. Personally I prefer not to as I’m too busy looking, listening and feeling everything else that is going on in the present moment, but some people really do like to think and if you are one of them, start choosing your thoughts on purpose. For example, if you notice you have a problem on your mind, direct your attention to what you would like instead of that problem and flesh that desire out in full living color down to the smallest detail.

Thoughts Worth Thinking

  • What you want to replace the problems you have and how you can make that happen
  • How much you enjoy the feeling of breathing in and breathing out
  • How much you love your family
  • How many beautiful things you can find in your corner of the world
  • What you can do to improve someone else’s life
  • How to live your passions, reach that next goal, accomplish that next great feat
  • Anything that makes you laugh, better yet, anything you can share with others so they can laugh too
  • How to eat better, sleep better and exercise better
  • What you love and like about yourself
  • How to choose that next, most positive response to whatever is happening in your life

Don’t wait until the weather is warm to attend to a thorough spring cleaning for your mind, make it a point to sweep out the cobwebs every day because keeping your mind cleaned up from all the negative clutter takes practice. You can significantly strengthen your efforts by practicing mindful living or meditation. Not only will your mind feel better, but so will the rest of you too.

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