Spring Clean Everything!

Spring Clean EverythingFor those of you who don’t get the Inspir3 Newsletter, this was last month’s feature article:

I love Spring! Not only is it my birthday, but the return of warmth and life. Everything seems new and gifts us with renewed feelings of hope and life if we allow it! You might feel the stirrings of wanting new things in your life whether it’s a new job, new relationship or entire new state of being. Of course, thoughts of spring cleaning also come through loud and clear and while the process isn’t fun, the results are fantastic!

– This year, how about you do more than just tidy up the home and yard?

– How about you spring clean your entire life?

Ask yourself the following questions:

What am I holding on to that is inhibiting true growth in my life?

Sometimes we hold onto things that we know aren’t in our best interest, whether it’s habits or even people. They are like an unhealthy security blanket, familiar and even if not happy, at least comfortable. We are like a bird in a cage with these things. The door is wide open, but we dare not fly to freedom. Instead we worry about what we will be if we don’t have these things that help create our identity and we worry that nothing will show up to replace the empty space in our life left from removing what had previously filled it.

This Spring – I Challenge YOU!

  • Be Daring!
  • Be Bold!
  • Be Brave!

When you walk away from what is no longer serving you, you will find your authentic self, you will find empowerment, and you will find room for opportunities that weren’t available to you before.

How can I simplify my day to day duties to have more time to just “be”?

Spend a few days closely observing your routine, what you do and how you do it with an objective mind. Then, make adjustments that will create time and a sense of being able to remain calm and assertive throughout your day, even during the craziest times.

For example, if you work full time, come home, make supper, care for children, pets or partners, clean house, get ready for the next day and crash exhausted – see what you can do to make suppers in advance. Even if you don’t like leftovers, you can make double batches of suppers, freeze one batch and reheat it. It’s not a left over that way, it’s just a second meal. Of course if you love leftovers, make enough food to go through a couple of nights so all you have to do is quickly heat something up. Find as many ways as possible to create a simpler way of life.


  • Quickly, list your top five priorities (Your self-care should be at the top of that list)
  • Say No to people, places and things that don’t fall into those priorities unless you really have the time, space and desire to say yes.

What can I add to my life that will nourish my spirit?

You don’t have to be religious or believe in a soul in order to find things to do that will nourish your spirit. Think of it as your higher self’s energy level if you like. Of course, if you are religious or spiritual you can certainly pick and choose through your traditions to add elements to your life that you might not be practicing, but there are other things too. Listening to music, getting creative, gardening and meditating are all good.

Better yet, work on incorporating more of your spiritual existence into your mundane days. For example on your commute, instead of getting all worked up about someone driving two miles an hour slower than the speed limit, mentally send love and appreciation for everything and everyone you care about. Remember:


To summarize:

Step it up a notch and walk away from whatever is not serving you. You can be kind about it, but be honest to yourself and refuse to accept anything that is less than wonderful for you.

Simplify! As a side note to that, multitasking is SO over. Do one thing at a time, do it mindfully and you will accomplish much more than trying to do everything at once anywhere.

Finally, feed your spirit, because ultimately you are what you eat and that goes double for what you put into your heart and mind.

Live well until next time, and please remember, I am always just an email away!

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