So You Want to be a Certified Life Coach

Personal Life CoachA Life Coach is someone who rolls up his or her sleeves and gets to work helping others get through any number of life objectives whether it’s improving relationships, creating better careers, lowering stress, getting more fit and happy in general. Basically, anything else that a person, couple or group might need to live a more satisfying life is a great topic for a coach to assist with. Life Coaches set their own schedules, create their own rules and provide a much needed service to the world.

Specialties in the Life Coach field include becoming a Personal Life Coach, Business Coach, Health and Fitness Coach, and Spiritual Healing Coach among others and they all have a variety of ways of setting up a Life Coaching practice. Some coaches have specific programs they take clients through and others work with clients on a case by case needs basis or have a combination of services they offer. Some, like me, work with individuals, couples and groups and others will focus on just one of those depending on their specialty.

The Life Coach industry is a multi-billion dollar a year industry and there is a growing need for coaches. While this offers the opportunity for a lucrative business, it takes time, focus and dedication. But the financial benefits are unlimited and depend only on what each Life Coach wants to earn. I’ve trained some coaches that have their first client within a week or so of completing their training and others take a bit longer depending on how they are creating their business, there really are no set standards.

If you have some sort of expertise to offer to others, whether it is personal, health and fitness, business, relationship or even a specific hobby or activity, you can become a Certified Life Coach. You do not need a degree, although some form of Life Coach training is extremely beneficial in helping to get started. Being able to show that you are a Certified Life Coach shows clients and potential clients that you have taken the consideration to make sure you are offering a high quality service.

Some Life Coach Certification training programs are priced into the thousands, but it isn’t necessary to spend that type of money and oftentimes the higher priced training is either non-supported after the initial training or isn’t personalized to help each coach become the absolute best they can be for their own coaching objectives, which is why I created the Inspir3 Life Coach Training. It offers complete training in all aspects of setting up a business and offering high quality Life Coach services and has the full support of working with an established Personal Life Coach to assure that desired objectives are accomplished.

The general skills needed to become a Personal Life Coach, or any other type of Life Coach, Relationship Coach, Business Coach or General Life Coach is a desire to help others reach goals and overcome issues. It requires follow through, patience and compassion no matter what new skill you are helping someone accomplish or conflict you are helping to resolve. If you feel you have those traits and are looking for a fulfilling career or even part time additional income, life coaching might be for you. You can learn more about the Inspir3 Life Coach Training or contact me with any type of questions you have about this exciting career field.

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