Relationship Success for Men

Men, I’m going to help you get more of what you want out of your relationship.  There are particular skills that you can easily start to apply that will take you to new heights of success with your partner.  Yes, women need skills too.  Many of the relationships skills are the same whether you are a man or a woman, but a few of them are a bit different due to the unique creatures that we are.

The Most Important Traits for Relationship Success Whether You are a Man or a Woman:

Undying Respect

You may not always feel love for your partner.  You might not always even like them very much, or agree with what they have to say. But, always respect them with the highest regard.


It doesn’t matter how long you are with your partner, good manners are just thoughtful behavior.


Your partner puts up with you. Try to find something to appreciate about them every day and share that appreciation with them.


Your significant other deserves to be in first place in your life, over other family, over your work, and even over your children. It doesn’t mean you neglect the other parts of your life just that your partner comes in first. With children, you and your partner face them as a united front. It keeps your partner in first place and gives the children a feeling of security.  Some people really struggle with this one, but if you can master this, then your relationship has a much better chance at success.

Self Care

Take care of yourself. Learn, Grow, and improve in all areas. The better care you take of yourself and improve yourself, the better of a person you have to offer to your partner.

For God’s Sake, Lighten Up!!!

Keep fun in your relationship. Laugh together, play like silly little children. Laughter will help you through hard times together, so use laughter and humor generously.  You don’t get out of this life alive, so have some fun while you are here!

For Men in a Relationship with a Woman

Learn how to communicate with your partner on her terms

Men are hard wired to get to the problem and fix it.  Women sometimes need to talk through it.  When in doubt, ask her what she’s looking for.  Does she want suggestions or empathy?  Learning how to listen and emotionally support your partner will help you go the distance.

Make sure she feels certain with her place in your life

Women are insecure creatures.  Even the most self confident ones in our group have been bombarded from birth about how we are supposed to look, feel, act, and think.  Give us the assurance we need that you are there for us and that we are your heart’s desire.  Do this frequently.  You’ll see us melting for you.

Keep the romance alive 

Give her those love notes, flowers, open her door for her, do those things you did when you were first trying to win her over.  That’s part of the reason she fell in love with you.  Stopping that after you’ve been together for awhile feels like you have stolen something from her and you have.  Give those romantic gestures back to her and you’ll see her start to warm up to you in ways that you think she’s taken away from you too.

For Anyone in a Relationship with Anyone Else

Keep the affection level high

Sex and affection have life saving physical and mental health benefits.  It should be a top priority to offer to your partner and will also help intimacy levels between you stay and grow closer. Make time for touching, hugging and getting intimate with your partner.

Learning good relationship skills is an important part of staying fulfilled and happy with one partner.  Remember, they are skills. They always get better with practice, so practice hard!

If you have a specific issue that you would like help resolving, contact a personal life coach to help you quickly resolve conflicts and get back to that loving feeling.

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