All men lie: true or false?

Honesty-is-an-expensiveA quick disclaimer, this piece is written by a man so please don’t hate the messenger if you don’t agree! That said, Thank you Gustavia for this thought provoking blog post.

Read most relationship blogs and infographics and you’ll know Lying can never be good. The reason might not just be the fact that your ethical values are going downhill and you do not consider yourself of high standards anymore but it might even lead you to get involved in a complex web of lies from which there is no turning back. When it comes to women, the gulf between the two sexes has remained unchanged since always in-spite of the desperate attempts of bringing ‘feminism’ into the scene.

According to an extensive research in Britain, it was established that men lie twice as much as women do. They found that men tell at least six lies on an average to their spouse, partner, colleagues, or boss in a day, and women come up with three of them. This study was taken on 2000 British and the most frequently used lie by both men and women was, “nothing, I’m fine”. Men generally fib about the number of drinks they are going to have, and how their partners do not look fat in their little dresses, women tend to lie hide the truth related to their extravagant shopping purchases.

Over 80% of adults, be it men or women, claim that they can easily tell when their partners are lying. However, Richard Newman, a body language expert says that most people fail to read signals. Assuming that the person who is hiding his or her face or avoiding eye contact, is most likely to lie. However, just the opposite is true. They can do anything to convince you that they are not lying, they can sit still in front of you and stare at you to observe your reactions. Do not overestimate your skills in this area.

While all men do not accept to engage in lying so often, they do explain their reasons for doing so once in a while. In fact, men claim their lies are not thought upon for hours and do not mean so much to them as they do to women:

Men do not like being proven wrong:

Yes, the male egos can go to any extents in order to be kept intact. They just won’t accept it that they can be wrong at many instances. Admitting their faults in front of their partners is a huge obstacle for male egos.

Men do not want women to yell at them:

Saying that they have been to bed early rather than saying that they played poker all night at a friend’s place, is a much easier job for men. They hate arguments and prefer to maintain peace with their partners. Men are very aware getting into a heated argument would mean that they are never going to win it, so they take the shorter way out and stay hassle-free.

They try to avoid humiliation:

If he sees you talking to a stranger at a party, he might make up a story about the girl who was flirting with him. Men like to make up such stories.

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