Make Your Spouse Your Best Friend Again

Best FriendsIt seems like only yesterday you and your wife were acting like high school students, attached to each other at the hip and constantly getting in trouble for too much PDA. You would spend days on end with each other and never even get in a quarrel. You knew you couldn’t live without each other, so you got married.

Fast forward ten years and what do you have? Are you the same two people you were back then? Probably not. Life happens. You get busy. She gets busy. Other things seem to take over, and before you know it you are more like roommates than the lovers, partners and best friends you were when you first met.

What if you could get that spark back? Would you do it? Of course you would! Here are four simple ways for you and your wife to feel like newlyweds all over again.

Have Fun Together

Think back to some of your fondest memories with your wife. Not just the ones in the bedroom, but the ones where you were out and about. In all of these memories, chances are you are laughing together. Huffington Post journalist, Sadie Dingfelder, suggests getting out and doing things together that will make you laugh again. It doesn’t matter how silly they are. Try to forget your daily struggles and stresses and just enjoy each other’s company. If possible, schedule these activities at least once a week. Put them in your calendar and commit to them. You may have to initiate the first couple of dates.

Give Compliments

It is probably safe to say that you still think plenty of nice things about your wife, but do you tell them to her? As time goes on, it is easy to assume she knows that you think so highly of her. But guess what, she needs to hear it. For the best results, give her genuine compliments at least once a day. The more the better. However, they must be sincere and detailed. points out that it’s not enough to just tell her she looks nice. You must tell her why she looks nice. Did she get a new outfit that fits her gorgeous body perfectly? Does her new haircut flatter her face? Notice the details and let her know that you noticed. Before long, she will be complimenting you again too.

Get to Talking

If you ask any couple who has been married over 25 years what their secret is, communication will be the answer a large percent of the time. You must talk to each other. In fact, Ed Young, who wrote “The 10 Commandments of Marriage,” puts this as commandment number three. Author Young understands that without communication, no marriage can pass the test of time. When talking with your spouse, use statements that express your feelings and thoughts. Do not just place the blame on her. It will not go over well. Communicating is about both sides being heard and respected. Sometimes, communication is the relationship.

Touch Each Other

Make an effort to touch each other as much as possible. This can be as simple as holding hands while shopping or offering a shoulder rub while watching television. Remember, back in the day you couldn’t keep your hands off each other. That is not a bad thing. Simply by touching, you will feel your connection begin to grow.

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6 thoughts on “Make Your Spouse Your Best Friend Again

  1. I’m not a big fan of the talking part, it seems that when we do sit down to talk, we start arguing about something. The rest of it we have a handle on, we are even working together more as a team.

  2. Great advice, Tracy! The greatest part of marriage (other than having a partner to get through this sometimes crazy thing called life) is being is being married to my best friend. I know so many people use this as a cliche but in my household it is truer than true. I adore my husband and at least once a day he tells me the same. It’s been ten years and we are the same as we were – only deeper in love because we know each other on a much deeper and more intimate level now.

  3. We hit the thirty year mark a couple of months ago, and I agree wholeheartedly with your suggestions. The two that resonate the most with me are talking and having fun. We talk and laugh a lot, and that goes such a long way towards keeping our marriage strong.

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