Listen Up, This is Your Life!

Recently my daughter and I were having a conversation.  I told her “Quit thinking so much and start listening.”  Being my daughter, I’m sure she had at least an inkling of what I meant, although she didn’t seem to appreciate it as a deep or profound thought at the time.

The reason I said to stop thinking and start listening was to remind her of a powerful tool that gets you out of your head and back into a place where constructive thinking reigns supreme.  That’s the place your best ideas originate.

Try this:

  1. Take some in and out breaths.
  2. Listen intently to what’s going on around you.
  3. Don’t think about what you are hearing, just keep listening.
  4. Do this for at least thirty seconds to one minute, or as long as you can stand it.

What did you notice when you were doing this?  You may start to describe what you heard.  Maybe you heard birds chirping, or your computer buzzing away.  Maybe you heard traffic, or dogs, or nothing at all.  One thing I bet you didn’t hear was your evil little monkey mind chattering away at you about every mundane thing in the world.

That’s the big AH-HA!  Your busy mind was quiet, if only for a moment.  When you are able to interrupt or quiet that part of you down, the part of you that’s stuck listening to that chatter gets a break in the action.  That is the part of you that has the best ideas and the best thinking going on, and that’s the part of yourself that deserves more attention.  Keep listening!

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