Life Coaching for Parents

Life Coaching for ParentsWhile many parenting books claim to be the “handbook” for raising healthy and successful children, and there are some good ones, we all know they usually aren’t in our home to point out our own unique parenting challenges.

Of course well meaning extended family members, friends and even total strangers are all more than happy to give you their own tips and tricks for what to do during the more challenging times. Then again, their comments aren’t always welcome, especially if we have no idea of how they parent their children and even more specifically, if we don’t agree with their ideas in the first place. And unless we qualify to air on an episode of that “Nanny” reality television series, we are pretty much left scrounging, hoping our intuition will kick in with the perfect answers, or going through a series of tries and fails. When times get really tricky, you might want to consider hiring a Life Coach.

The Best Life Coaching for Parents

  • Will be a parent themselves
  • Will have children older or at least the same age as your own children to know the particular phases on an intimate level
  • Will be able to demonstrate how their children are healthy and successful
  • Will be someone you are comfortable with
  • Will be nonjudgmental and open minded to exploring a variety of perspectives
  • Will be able to offer you measurable goals/skills to help with any particular challenges

Life Coach for Parents Versus Family Therapist

  • Life Coaches help reach goals and work through blocks. They do not provide counseling, therapy or diagnosis of mental, emotional or behavioral disorders, although some can offer great suggestions for therapy enhancement skills, such as incorporating meditation to help relieve stress.
  • Reasons to Contact a Life Coach for Parents
  • When you and your spouse are having conflicts about how to raise your children, a Life Coach can help you learn conflict resolution skills.
  • When you need a sounding board to work through parenting issues
  • When you want to set new goals with your child and create a plan to work through them
  • When you have challenges you feel are blocking you to becoming the type of parent you really want to be
  • As an enhancement to recovery while still working with therapists or other recovery specialists or are in a 12 Step Program
  • When you are stressed beyond belief and want to reorganize your life and schedule and lower your stress level

What You Can Expect from Working with a Life Coach for Parents

  • Help setting goals, learning new skills and being able to focus on one issue at a time
  • Learn how deal with the stress of being a parent
  • Create plans to help work through specific situations
  • Resolve conflicts with child, other parent or step-parent(s)
  • Create a more loving relationship with your child/children
  • Feel as if you have a non-judgmental third party in your corner

Life Coaching for Parents is for You…

  • If you want to do your best to raise healthy and successful child (Or children)
  • If you are struggling with your child or other parents or grandparents in deciding what is best
  • If you aren’t sure how to work through a specific situation
  • If you just want to learn how to relax more as a parent and enjoy your child despite a high stress life

Find out by requesting a free life coach session from one or more Life Coaches to weigh out your options. You have nothing else to lose and might gain some wonderful new skills to be a more effective parent and work through issues!

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  1. I didn’t even know this was a thing! Do you think life coaching for parents can help me? My four year old is acting up and lashing out because of our new baby, is there something that I can do to get her back on the right track?

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