Lessons Learned from our Good Friend Disney

Disney movies are classic and we all love them no matter how old we are. Growing up, we watched these movies just for the entertainment aspect. Looking back, we realize that there are so many lessons that are taught in these movies. Disney teaches kids life lessons and sometimes they go right over their heads until they become adults. Here are some of those lessons that I think I missed as a kid but that I am fully aware of now.

We can go the distance

Hercules has an inner struggle about who he is and where he fits in life. We all have that feeling sometime in our lives. Whether its the awkward stage in middle school, or your first semester of college, sometimes we feel like we don’t fit in. Hercules’ song tells us that we can go the distance if we try. Succeeding is all about how bad you want it and what you are willing to do in order to get there. Hercules went the distance and so can we.

Dreams can come true

We always say dreams are for fairytales. I think that that is a very negative way to look at life. Everyone has their dreams, or if you want you can call them goals. Everyone has some sort of aspiration in life and it is always disappointing when you fail. Cinderella had the dream to marry her prince charming. Although her dream was a lot more simpler than ours may be, she taught us that dreams really can come true. Don’t give up on a dream because as Cinderella said, “A dream is a wish your heart makes.” Your heart is telling you how you really feel, so follow it.

Our families support us no matter what

Mulan is the perfect example of this. In the beginning, she is trying to bring honor to her family. The way that she is supposed to do this is by being a proper woman who is all done up and poised. These are the standards that Mulan is supposed to have in order to bring honor to her family. However, she breaks the norm, dresses like a man, goes to war, and essentially stops the Huns from invading China. You would think her family would automatically have respect for her, but in that era, women were not supposed to be soldiers. At first her family was not happy with her. After she saved China, they realized that she had brought honor to them just in a different way than usual.

People do change

The first example of this is from Beauty and the Beast. When Belle first met the beast, he was mean and he frightened her. He also locked her up in his castle and would not let her escape. Eventually Belle’s niceness wore off on him and the beast changed. This is a lesson for us that people can change.

Another example is Pocahontas and John Smith. John Smith was pretty racist and thought all of the Native Americans were savages but Pocahontas changed him. She taught him the ways of her culture and eventually John Smith changed for the better.

Disney taught us so many things all along and we didn’t even know it. So, thanks Disney.

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