Hypnosis Cannot Cure Addictions

Hypnosis Cannot Cure AddictionsI am truly horrified to find out that hypnotists are claiming they can hypnotize people to cure addictions and my heart goes out to those who will end up duped into believing it is true.

Let’s Look at Addiction Facts:

Addictions are both behavioral and physical. While you can effectively treat behaviors, you cannot treat physical disease. Therefore, telling an addict you can cure them through hypnosis would be like telling a client you can cure a broken arm or other physical ailment through hypnosis. Hypnosis can certainly help in the healing process, but seeking professional help is still crucial.

First, stopping an addiction is not curing an addiction. Hypnosis is wonderful in helping someone stop an addiction, but that is not a cure, that is a remission from active using. I absolutely believe in the benefits of hypnosis and recommend it for many situations. Keeping that in mind, I was excited to find a series of interviews being given by a hypnotist I won’t mention by name. One of the interviewees, a woman who shall also be unnamed starting talking about how all you need to cure an addiction is hypnosis and that programs such as treatment facilities ran by world renowned specialists and AA was a bunch of hogwash. I was tempted to leave a comment about how she is on her way to killing people with that line of thinking, but refrained and clicked off to another site.

Upon further research I found out that other hypnotists were also making the same claims. People, this is dangerous stuff here! They even quote percentage rates, but you can’t accurately quote recovery statistics with treatments programs because many people are forced to seek treatment by their work, family or courts, with no intention of quitting whatever addiction they are getting treated for. There is also a high level of anonymity. To get an accurate reading, you would have to weed out those who entered treatment because they WANTED it, are willing to come forth with the information, and then, the percentage will be much higher than what these hypnotists are trying to present to you.  Even still though, none of those percentages equal a cure, they only equal those who have been able to remain sober from their addiction of choice.

Hypnosis for Addictions

Hypnosis to help with addictions is extremely effective to:

  • Help stay relaxed
  • Implement new behaviors to support recovery efforts
  • Help decrease cravings and urges
  • Help continuing recovery efforts

Combining hypnosis with other recovery efforts such as in-patient and out-patient treatment, working with a Life Coach, hypnotherapist, psychiatrist and/or a 12 step program is the ideal situation. Make sure when you choose a hypnotist though that they don’t tell you that all you need is hypnosis to cure an addiction. While it can help you stop your addiction, it is not a cure and thinking it is will put you at risk for relapse and we all know what serious consequences can happen from that point.

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2 thoughts on “Hypnosis Cannot Cure Addictions

  1. As a professional addiction therapist for over 25 years and now a coach, I know that addiction to alcohol and other drugs is best treated in a treatment center setting, with trained professionals. As a coach I would not, I repeat, not work with people dealing with addiction. As for hypnosis, I agree that it can help but it’s not a cure.

    • Thank you so much for your comments Marguerite!

      I agree that coaches who do not have experience with addiction/recovery should not work with those addicted to any type of substance or habit (such as gambling, porn, etc…). As you know, building a solid support system is an integral part of recovery and a Life Coach can be an excellent choice to help with that support and should not be used as a treatment solution, only a treatment enhancement. Much like adding exercise systems, meditation or other outside practices along with recovery can enhance someone’s ongoing sobriety.

      It is important that you work with someone that understands the dynamics of addiction and recovery and those looking to hire a Life Coach to complement their recovery should make sure to ask if the coach they are considering has experience and what they do in order to support and enhance recovery efforts.

      And yes, I absolutely agree, hypnosis is not a cure for addiction. The reality is there is no “cure” for addiction, however there are helpful ways to enhance and sustain recovery and should be a supplement to other recovery options such as a professional treatment center, 12 Step Program and/or working with a trained therapist.


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