How to Tell If You Are a Boring Person

How to Tell If You Are a Boring PersonI’m taking a course that talks about outlining what you do best so you can learn to tap into the energy that is behind it for other uses.

For example, if what you do best is photography, what part of you is generating the creative energy you use to create your best images? When you can take that energy and apply it to other parts of your life, it makes it easier to accomplish what you would like to improve upon. Make sense? Anyway, here I am trying to get through my homework about what I do best, and I’m having mixed feelings about what’s coming up.

At first glance, “What do you do best?” seems as if it should be a no brainer, but I dare you to really go there with yourself.

Everything that was coming to mind for me sounded, so, well – BORING. The horrors!

I actually went to my husband and asked him what he felt about what I do best. I thought maybe getting a different perception would help me realize I’m more exciting. I was wrong. He mentioned the same things I was thinking.

Upon reflection though, I realized that what I am best at is what actually allows me to have the full, varied and rich life that I value. What I do best is organizing and following through with everything I set out to do. In other words – I am highly functioning.

So it’s out on the table and I would prefer admitting to being something much more glamorous, but it is what it is. Of course, I’m good at other things too. I love to be creative whether it’s through the written word, creating beauty in any variety of ways and I am a fantastic dancer. Oh, and my cheesecake is out of the world!

But, I digress, probably because I’m feeling defensive about sounding like a big yawn. What that all leads me to questioning is –

How to Tell If You Are a Boring Person?

Here is what I came up with…

1. If you are stagnate in your life, doing the same things day in and day out and not growing in any type of direction…., you could be boring.

2. If you have a tendency to say “I’m bored”…. you could be a boring person because if you weren’t, you would have a better imagination to help you find things to do!

3. If complaining about your problems instead of actively seeking and applying solutions is your daily agenda…., you could be boring. Or, you could be addicted to drama, but you can recover from that.

4. If you blame other people, place or things for your life…, you could be a boring person. YOU are the only one in charge of how your life develops. Sure, bad things happen sometimes that is out of your control, but in the end your freedom of choice on how to respond is up to you.

So, “How to tell if you are a boring person” probably sounds boring in and of itself, but the takeaway is that it takes effort, accountability and imagination to save yourself from the doldrums. If you have fears that you fall into the above list of boring characteristics, contact me, we can do something about that!

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