How to Quickly Achieve Happiness and Improved Health

There is an almost immediate way to have:

  • Increased energy
  • Improved concentration and creativity
  • Improved immune system
  • Enhanced appreciation of life
  • Feeling that you can be at peace even through difficulties
  • Better relationships
  • Significant decrease in depression, stress, and anxiety symptoms
  • Increased self-awareness, and self-trust
  • Increased acceptance of self, life, and others
  • Feeling happier, healthier, and more effective in life
  • Even more!

You can begin to apply a simple step in order feel these benefits almost immediately.  You don’t have to be religious or spiritual, and it doesn’t matter where you are or what you are doing.  It’s simple, not always easy, but simple.  The easy part comes with practice.  This simple thing is being mindful.  Mindful living is an exercise in health, wellness, and happiness that is more effective than any other self improvement or self development course available today.

Mindful living is all about paying attention to the present moment.  The way it works is things like fear and anxiety are based on our thoughts of the future.  Feelings like guilt and shame are based on our thoughts from the past.  Our minds continue to run a commentary on everything and anything at all, especially ways to hold us back.  We get stuck in those thoughts and don’t realize that life is slipping past us at an alarming rate.

Being stuck in our heads, stressed about everything we have to do, feeling regret about something we did or didn’t do, our mind gains a monopoly on our life, while the real life, the life OUT HERE is flying by you and you barely even noticed.

We do dumb things like start losing items that we just had in our hands, forgetting important things, running red lights, stopping for green lights, feeling confused about the date or what day it is.  Getting side tracked and forgetting important coping skills when something throws a monkey wrench in our best laid plans.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

By being in the present moment, you are once again able to see what is enjoyable about life, you see that you are just fine in this very moment.  Colors become brighter and richer, tastes become more succulent, sounds are more beautiful.  Problems stop seeming so big.  It’s truly a miraculous thing!

Sounds easy enough, right?  Our minds don’t like to do that.  They like to think about what happened in the past, or what might happen in the future.  So, it’s very simple to think about staying in the present, RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW moment, but not very easy to continue to DO.

The best news is that with practice, it becomes easier, just like learning how to drive a car or any other manner of things you may have tried to learn.  It not only becomes easier, but you can begin to maintain this mindful living for longer and longer stretches of time without have to always remind yourself.

Deciding to give it a try is the first step.  Are you ready for that?  There is nothing to lose except for stress, anxiety, and health issues.

To Start Mindful Living:

What is going on in your present moment?  What does your body feel like filling up the space it’s in?  Can you expand that a bit?  What sounds, sights, tastes are there?  Get out of your head and listen, look, feel, breathe.  Always breathe!  Your breath is one of the easiest things to return your attention to when you forgot to pay attention to NOW.

That’s it.  Well, that’s the beginning and quite enough to start working on now.  Set a timer to check in with yourself every hour to see where you are, or wear a rubber band around your wrist and snap it every so often (Not to cause pain, just a gentle snap will do!).  The quick sensation will bring your focus back into the present moment.  You will quickly begin to notice how wonderful your life can be.

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