How to Keep it Simple

How to Keep it SimpleI’m not sure why but after about 16 hours of sitting at this computer, in between walking the pug and rebooting my computer about six times because First Energy decided to play Russian Roulette with the power grid, I started wandering around the web looking for ways to keep it simple. I am uber organized and productive, don’t get me wrong, sometimes I just feel like life could be pared down to about half a million things to do in a single day instead of a billion. (Like if you agree!)

Why We Make Things Complex

1. To feel important. That might be a hard truth, but reflect on this point before tossing it out the window to see if you feel more substantial the busier you are. If so, then re-evaluating your self-worth might be extremely beneficial.

2. To maintain an addiction and use chaos as an excuse to imbibe.

3. We don’t know any better.

4. We are trying to live in the past while fortune telling about the future and juggling activities in the here and now, such as driving and texting.

5. Because we think other people, places or things are supposed to manage our lives and make them simpler or easier to deal with.

How to Keep it Simple

1. Get rid of as much stuff as you can and that includes clutter from personal belongings to the clutter inside your mind. Dwelling on the past or worrying about the future may help you feel productive, but you really aren’t getting anything worthwhile done or responding to life with a simple perspective.

2. Stay present to the right here and right now. The more present you are the more you will naturally slow down. You will take time to smell the roses and will see things more for what they really are than what your monkey mind is trying to make you believe it is.

3. Refuse to multi-task. Believe it or not, you can get a lot more done if you dedicate your complete attention to one thing at a time. For example, you are less apt to lose common things like the keys that are in your hand. I have to qualify this because on any typical day I have about 100 things all going on at the same time. But I attend to them in concentrated segments.

4. Get help for any addictions. One of the first coping skills you will learn is how to get away from the chaos and start living one day at a time.

5. Don’t leave it up to anyone to manage your life. Say no, set boundaries, rule your own existence. Do it with peace and love, but do it.

When you create a more simple life, you will find that simple pleasures become more evident, you will notice the subtle nuances that make this world truly beautiful. Give it a shot, the most you have to lose is a nervous breakdown! If you need help simplifying, as usual, let me know. I’ll be happy to help.

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