How to be Happy in Life

How to be Happy in Life There are three problems that will keep you from figuring out how to be happy in life:

One: You have been brain washed to believe happiness is “out there” and that you don’t deserve to be happy unless you first live up to impossible expectations.

Two: You think that happiness is poured over you by outside circumstances or other people instead of something that bubbles up and pours forth from the inner most parts of your being.

Three: You are afraid to be happy. That fear keeps you from being able to balance what level of happiness you are comfortable with.

You might notice that one, two or even all three of these problems are what you are experiencing when you start focusing on how to have a happy life. Out of these three problems, number three is the most challenging of them all to overcome, but keep the faith. If you are really sincere about wanting to find at least a content-fully happy, if not completely blissed-out happy life, you CAN achieve that despite your current fears. First, choose which fear is the strongest for you:

Fear of Happiness

1. The feeling of an impending sense of doom that will destroy current happiness.

2. The feeling of “What’s the use?” because the world is SO screwed up.

3. The feeling that others around you will resent you or you won’t fit in because you are too happy.

Overcoming Fear of Happiness

1. Ask yourself – Do you want to live a flat line life? Be happy today and let tomorrow worry about itself. Happiness destroyed was still happiness and that is how life works. How about enjoying when you can be happy? When something unhappy occurs, you can then at least look forward to knowing that you can experience happy times again in the future.

2. Because the world is so screwed up, happy people are needed more desperately than ever. How else are we going to make things better? Sitting in the feces of horror isn’t helping.

3. Maybe you aren’t meant to fit in, maybe you are meant to stand out.

If you need help getting over any of these problems of how find the happiness you are looking for, contact me. I can help.

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101 tips for How to Be Happy in Life

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