How to Avoid the Biggest Time Management Mistake

How to Avoid the Biggest Time Management MistakeI believe time management should be tossed right out the window, seriously. Sure, knowing how to be effective with the time you have is helpful when you hope to accomplish anything.  Showing up on time can require some juggling for sure, but time management creates losers and I can prove it. For one thing, it sucks the creative process right out of you because your personal muse is just not something that does very well punching a time clock. For another thing, it gives you the idea that “not having enough time” is a viable excuse to keep from doing things that might otherwise seriously benefit your life. So, how to avoid the biggest time management mistake is to avoid time management altogether.

To avoid time management, replace the entire concept with priority management. When you get your priorities in order, you will find time to do what you need to do. You will also allow time and space for that creative muse to come out and express his or her self in ways that will enrich your life on all levels. Oh, and as far as being on time, that’s a matter of integrity. When you are serious about doing what you say you will do, showing up on time becomes a priority.

The whole process of managing your priorities can be very simple. You can use a daily planner if you like, or you can just toss that out the window along with all the time management ideas. It starts by listing your priorities. What do you need and want to do and how do you want to do it? Answer those questions and the time will show up to accommodate them because people make time for what is most important to them. If you find that you aren’t making the time it is either not important or you are afraid to succeed, which is something that goes deeper than just figuring out how to manage your time.

After you list your priorities, put them in order depending on how you are best able to accomplish them. For example, I’m an early bird and do my best thinking before the sun is even up and then I go downhill, especially after 9:00 p.m. Because of this I arrange my priorities as thinking tasks early, busy tasks later. Not only is that more effective, but my productivity level is much better as well. It might be the opposite for you and that’s great. Give it some thought and arrange your priorities in a way that you have the best type of energy to apply to them.

So you have your priorities and you know what time of the day to focus your efforts on each one. Now, roll your sleeves up and get to it. That might mean saying no to distractions or requests from others from time to time, but you will accomplish what is most important for you and that is what time management is all about isn’t it? So, how to avoid the biggest time management mistake is to replace time management with priority management because when you remain mindful to your priorities, the time will work itself out.

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