Five Ways to Win the Quest to De-stress

Five Ways to Win the Quest to De-stressThe first thing I need to tell you is that you are not going to get rid of stress.

Of course you can get rid of people, places and things that create additional stress, but there is always going to be stress. It’s learning how to deal with it that’s going to help you live out a healthy life span. Not dealing with it is a death sentence. Heart attacks, ulcers, cancer and more diseases are caused by stress and its ugly twin depression than any other typical human condition.

The second thing I’m going to tell you is to not run off to the corner to meditate.

Sometimes the very act of meditation can stress you out more than what you started with because it is such a foreign idea to sit, empty your mind and just breathe. Of course, working up to the point where you can meditate without aggravating stress symptoms is an absolutely great goal and I highly recommend it. For now, let’s put that on the back burner.

The third thing I am going to tell you to do is get very serious about getting the hell out of your head.

If you aren’t balancing your budget, figuring out where you left your keys or solving math problems, you have no business in your head. Minds are chaotic crazy places, especially during times of stress and/or animosity. Now, you can’t stop your mind. That’s why you want to get away from it. Your mind is going to do its thing because that’s what it does. You do not have to join the parade.

Distract yourself. Listen to music, draw, paint, dance or do whatever you want that takes you out of your head. True living is what is going on OUTSIDE of your mind. The weather is typically much better too. The climate in your mind can resemble a cyclone of epic proportions that will keep you locked in a fortress of stress symptoms forever if you allow it.

The Fourth thing I am going to tell you is to move out of the past and future.

You do not live in the past and the future is anybody’s guess, get out of both of those places and constantly remind yourself that your point of power is in the present. You got that?

Your Point of Power is in the Present

Yea, that’s a repeat of number four, but is important enough to be the fifth, final and absolutely not the least important way to win your quest to de-stress. When you can stay rooted firmly in the here and now, you will see that the stress you’ve been experiencing stems from past lessons projecting themselves right into your future. They have very little to nothing to do with what is going on in this present moment.

This “right here and right now” space, if no one is dead or bleeding, has a lot more hope than what you would have noticed if you were still up in your head. If you put these five points into action, you will win your quest to de-stress, even if the whole world is going crazy and blaming it on you.  Print them out or memorize whatever you find most valuable and put it into action.

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