Five Tools for Life

Dear ClientDear Client that I Have Yet to Work With,

I wanted to take a minute to reach out to you, before you reached out to me because I know if you are visiting this website that you are on a quest. While I don’t know what that quest is yet, I know if you are searching, then it must be something personal, possibly even life-changing or trying to figure out how to deal with life changing events.

What I would really like for you to know before you contact me is that no matter what is going on around you, it is possible to come from a point of power at any moment. This is so important when you are looking for peace of mind, clarity or a need to feel connected to something more than your own thoughts.

You will notice when you start to practice these tools that any anxiety you are feeling becomes greatly diminished. You will be able to make decisions from a deeper and more assured part of yourself, and your moment to moment existence will become greatly improved.

Five Tools for Life

1. Take three long, slow, deep breathes and as you do so, notice what is going on around you, outside of your head.

2. Guilt, fear and shame come from the past. Fear and anxiety come from the future. Release those feelings by remaining in the here and now of this very moment.

3. It is okay to make mistakes and fail, it means you are trying. Keep trying and if you fail, you will know you are in the company of some of the world’s greatest people. Learn the lesson and keep trying some more.

4. You cannot stop your thoughts, but you can quit investing in them. They are not your real life.

5. Find a support person that you can share with that is not a family member or close friend. It is the best way to get neutral support and suggestions.

Whatever you are looking for will become much easier when you are in the present moment and not living by the storm clouds that drift through your mind. Remember, no one said it would always be easy, but you can choose to make you life’s journey worth it. Now, breathe.


Your Future Life Coach

Tracy Morrow

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