Don’t be a Bastard When You Have a Toothache

Don't Be a Bastard When You Have a Toothache

I recently wrote a letter to husbands about what to do if their wife was entering menopause. It was pointed out by someone that this article was offensive because I didn’t include information for the wife about how even though she is struggling through a challenging situation she still needs to be accountable for her actions and live up to certain expectations.

Well, I have given a lot of thought to this. I feel if a person has a relatively well adjusted emotional intelligence level that it can safely be taken for granted they are aware that pain or challenging situations are not an excuse to behave poorly to those around them.

I further assume women readers of have the fortitude to do their best to refrain from becoming a raging lunatic or otherwise difficult. Hormones’ running rampant to the point one is temporarily, certifiably insane is no excuse. While that might be partially tongue-in-cheek, I am sincere about encouraging everyone to mind their manners no matter what.

Perhaps my assumption is – you know, making an ass out of me – so, just in case:

Dear Women,

As you struggle through life changes, please remember you do need to be accountable for your actions. While you might feel like lashing out, completely melting down, or otherwise going into “crazy lady” mode, do your best to refrain. I urge you to seek help if you can’t control your own actions whether due to menopause or any other reason.

Love, Your Personal Life Coach

Everyone has episodes of great pain in their lives whether it’s physical, emotional or mental illness, trauma or injury. The hope is that their loved ones will remember to be kind, patient and supportive as they would hope others would be to them when they are dealing with their own struggles. Albeit, some struggles are more challenging than others and may require pushing the limits of that kindness, patience and support sometimes, but for true love, I firmly believe it’s worth it.

I also believe that sometimes it just isn’t appropriate to lecture those suffering about how to respond to their pain/issues. While, yes, I am an advocate of people acting maturely and responsibly to others despite their infirmities, and I hope those infirmities are few, the greatest need is offering the support and encouragement they need to work through whatever it is they are going through.

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  1. I don’t know what to say except very good post and thank you for it! If this was the only thing I got out of your blog and years of experience it would be well worth the time and effort put forth. I guess I did know what to say after all! 🙂

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