Best Free Life Empowerment Resources

Best Free Life Empowerment ResourcesIn order to help 2013 become a year of self empowerment, I wanted to offer you my list of the best free resources for self improvement, motivation, personal growth, spiritual growth and life coaching services. While often times you get what you pay for, these free resources are value packed and some of the highest quality information available. Please take your time and browse through these resources anytime you need a pick me up, support, encouragement and inspiration to help you create the best year ever.

Best Free Self Empowerment Resources (In no particular order):

The 10 Qualities of Spiritual Maturity

Lama Marut is one of my all time favorites. He is the author of “A Spiritual Renegade’s Guide to the Good Life” which I consider to be a Must Read for anyone looking to create and sustain happiness.

Vast Collection of Free Resources for personal development and transformation of body, mind and spirit

Peter Shepherd is the author of Author of “Transforming the Mind” and “Daring to be Yourself”. He is also the Founder and Managing Director of Trans4mind and has put years of work into creating this wonderful collection of free resources.

Learn to Meditate, Get a free Personal Life Coach Session, Improve your Relationships and Yourself

Inspir3 is committed to helping you work through conflicts and learn to create a mindful, loving existence. There are a variety of free eBooks to pick and choose through and of course, there are tons of articles which you can browse through. Don’t forget to check out the Daily Reminder page too!

Mindfulness Based Exercises

Peter Morgan created this website to offer free resources for those interested in gaining the multitude of benefits that living a mindful lifestyle offers. It includes exercises for body scans and much more, all free.

Huge Collection of Self Help Videos to Watch

Self Growth is a gathering place for self help professionals and you can find a vast storehouse of knowledge here to aid in your self-empowerment endeavors. The video resources are just a part of the free offerings on this site.

Use these best free life empowerment resources to enhance all your personal development goals. Also, make sure and share them with a friend. You might even want to gather a group of like minded individuals together to read through and discuss the resources together as a support group. The possibilities are endless to get on the road to health, happiness and a fantastic New Year!

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