Are Affirmations Effective?

Are Affirmations EffectiveI get a lot of questions about affirmations and the biggest one is do they really work, or are they just some sort of placebo mind trick?

Well, my answer is both. They really do work if they have important elements included along with them, AND they can also be a silly mind trick that doesn’t get you anywhere, but helps you feel better because you are “doing” something. The doing something of course is saying, writing down or looking at the affirmations of your choice.

Make no mistake though, they can be a powerful force for change and self growth and I highly recommend them – IF you know the particular ins and outs of using them properly.

What usually happens is you set an affirmation, such as “I will feel comfortable speaking in public”, and your conscious brain says, “Yes, that feels good”, but unless that affirmation is heard and accepted by your subconscious mind, you will not get the results you want, in fact, you might get the opposite. For that reason, making sure the affirmation becomes embedded and accepted into subconscious as a fact is the most important aspect of whether or not your affirmation will work out the way you hope it will.

Another thing about affirmations is the wording you use. If you use the word “want”, such as “I want to make $10,000 this month”, your mind says “Yes, you WANT that, but you don’t HAVE that and will leave you feeling that you lack whatever it is you want. That feeling of lack will sabotage your efforts. Instead of the word “want” you want to use words such as “am” or “easily”, such as “I am easily making $10,000 this month”. “Will” is another word that should be avoided.

When you use an affirmation that creates inner resistance that can also block your best efforts. For example, if you say “I remember to meditate every day”, your subconscious scrolls through and comes up with how you are not doing that and all those excuses that you have been doing to avoid meditating such as being too busy, too stressed, etc… In other words, you will not start meditating every day. For this, changing your affirmation to “Meditation is a joy for me” will allow the subconscious to start to think you enjoy meditating and will be more encouraging for you to do it every day.

In a nutshell, an affirmation is:

  • Only as good as the words you use
  • The effort you put behind it to make it come true
  • How much it saturates your subconscious

Getting past your conscious mind is the trickiest part of affirmations or changing any type of thought or belief pattern for that matter. To help you do this, I highly recommend Mindzoom to capture the power of subliminal affirmations.

Mindzoom is a software program created to specifically bypass your conscious mind, and get into your subconscious to melt away resistance and enhance your success in whatever area of your life you want! It has some pre-recorded affirmations using the correct type of wording and you can also create your own.

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