A New Year’s Resolution Worth Keeping

New Year's Resolution Worth Keeping2012 is coming to an end and our thoughts naturally become reflective and forward looking at the same time. New Year’s Resolutions are considered whether you make them or not, you can’t help but to think about them since they are such a hot topic around this time of year. I would like to offer a New Year’s resolution worth keeping that can have a deep and profound effect on the whole rest of your life if you choose to accept the challenge.

This resolution I am talking about is to show up fully and completely for every minute. Let go of living your life inside your mind and come completely into the present including all the sights, sounds, smells, textures and flavor that you can possibly experience all at the same time. In other words, stay aware of the world on the outside of your mind as it unfolds every minute of every day.

I offer this resolution challenge knowing that it is an impossible task. Impossible because it means letting go of your need to take time for granted. This is an inherent need we have because fully facing the truth that each moment could be the last one is too scary and sad for most of us to truly wrap our heads around. But consider if you did live that way? Each moment would take on a life of its own. It would become so much deeper, richer, more meaningful and ultimately more precious. And, when those moments accumulate they will add a life’s experience like no other.

Every other New Year’s resolution, goal or intent you set will become more effective because when you come alive to each new moment, you are better able to choose how to live it. You can become an observer of your life, experiencing the raging storms and sunny days that are going on inside and outside of your being. You can choose whether you become your thoughts and emotions, or whether you just breathe them in and out, knowing how fleeting each of these truly is in the grand scheme of things.

Will you accept my challenge of having a New Year’s resolution worth keeping? You can start at this very moment and can strengthen your resolve of practicing mindfulness simply by returning to your breath at any point of the day or night. Let go of the past and the future and live, right here, right now.

Happy New Minute to You and Yours! 

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