4 Ways to Live Out Your Daydreams

Sit-in-reverie-and-watchLike strong coffee and a good tune, daydreams can help us survive the doldrums of life’s everyday routine. A simple fantasy is a mental pick-me-up, especially if you can bring it to life. Even if you’re bound to your daily responsibilities and limited bank account, you can make your daydreams come true with the following ideas.

Yoga Paradise

Flowing to the hypnotic sounds of waterfalls surrounded by lush green wildlife, imagine a yoga retreat in the jungles of Costa Rica where the tropical breeze blissfully balances the mind, body and soul. OK, so maybe you’re not living in a rainforest. But instead of rushing out of the office and pushing through traffic to make the 5:30 p.m. yoga class at the studio you’ve been practicing at for years, break away from the monotony and try a different type of yoga at a new studio. Be mindful and concentrate on creating your own yogi’s paradise in your head, whether in class or at home. With each inhale and exhale, picture a rising sunrise and soak in the peacefulness of a faraway paradise.

Parisian Cafe

For a gal who’s fallen in love with the idyllic French way of life, sipping on a latte while perched on a charming Parisian street corner next to a quaint patisserie is a dream state. Shaded by a tree and warmed by the sunlight streaming through, mind-traveling to a Parisian cafe feels like the great escape. But then reality hits hard as you sip a mug of cold coffee at your cubicle. Rather than bustle out of your local coffee shop with your to-go coffee in hand, sit at a table to savor each sip. Order your java in a mug and treat yourself to a pastry. While listening to the album “Paris – La Belle Époque,” embrace your inner French woman and her je ne sais quoi.

Hawaiian Luau

In Hawaii, happiness is how you live, and not how much money you make or the possessions you own. Islanders live the carpe diem lifestyle comprised of health, prosperity and natural beauty. Just the thought of paddle boarding on the ocean at sunrise or hiking at sunset settles stress and anxiety. Bring island life into your home and create a traditional Hawaiian luau as mental respite and for quality family time. Ohana (family) is sacrosanct for Hawaiians by the way, so make your loved ones a top priority. While the “Descendants” soundtrack plays, cook Hawaiian chicken kabobs with pineapple. Pair kabobs with fried rice and indulge in coconut cake for dessert.

Romantic Encounter

Nothing seems to compare to the highs and butterflies of falling in love. Just because you’ve already fallen for the one doesn’t mean you can’t keep falling harder and deeper, again and again. Extinguish your relationship lull by living out a romantic fantasy that’s out of the ordinary for you and your special guy. Plan a leisurely Saturday morning in bed with a gourmet breakfast full of eggs, buttered toast, bacon, pancakes and coffee. Accent the spread with chocolate-covered strawberries for a touch of sweetness and fresh flowers for aesthetic charm. Include this love note, courtesy of the Anthropologie blog: “How do I love thee? Well, let me see. You’re the cream to my coffee. Eggs-actly what I need. All it took was one look, and I was toast. So fork over some lovin’, I’ll have what you’re serving.”


Thank you Michelle Michaels, Traveler, copywriter, hiker for this inspiring post! 

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