12 Ways to Find Happiness Right Now

2 Ways to Find Happiness Right NowA successful personal and professional life doesn’t make you happy, however, being happy can help you accomplish those important life successes. If you wait until all the circumstances are “perfect” for you to finally be happy, well, it just might never happen.

Let these 12 ways to find happiness right now help you feel happier now, not only so you can better enjoy all the good things that are yet to come your way, but to help you make those things happen.

12 Ways to Find Happiness Right Now

1. Be continuously grateful for breathing. As long as you are breathing, there is hope no matter how dire your situation currently is.

2. Assume 100% responsibility for your own perceptions, attitudes and choices. Stop hitching your happiness to someone else’s words or action and claim your right to pursue happiness all by yourself.

3. Help someone else become happier. When you get out of your head and help others, you naturally start to feel happy too.

4. Stop thinking of what you don’t want, namely your problems. Focus completely on what you do want and keep an eye out for even the smallest opportunity to take a step closer to your desires.

5. Play with children or a pet, with abandon. When you play you don’t have time to be unhappy. If you don’t have children or a pet, visit your local shelter and spend time playing with some of the animals there, or offer to babysit someone else’s child.

6. Stay in the present moment. Feelings that keep you from happiness such as guilt, shame, fear and worry are all either past memories or trying to tell the future. Always return to the present moment and discover what a gift it truly is.

7. Don’t stuff your feelings. Happiness doesn’t mean you ignore your problems, it means you organize them and find the solutions.

8. Refuse to complain. No matter how much your life sucks, someone else’s sucks worse, so stop complaining and start finding what’s good, even if it’s only the fact that you are breathing.

9. Give yourself a life makeover and get excited about how adventurous your new life can be. Here is a collection of eBooks to help you get started.

10. Work with an online Life Coach to stay accountable to help with building your new happiness habits. They can help you get past blocks and help you with some great ideas to stay on track. Get started with a free Life Coach session.

11. Heal your relationships or walk away from them. This one is easier said than done, but if dealing with difficult people is the reason you are so unhappy, you will gift both you and them by either setting boundaries to stay happy with them, or walk away if they won’t respect them.

12. Let go of resentments. No matter who did what or how wrong they were, resenting them has no effect on them, it only eats you up like a cancer. Let it go and keep your sight set on what makes you happy.

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