12 Ways to Become More Mindful

12 Ways to Become More MindfulDid you know the majority of your day is spent on auto-pilot?  What that means is your day is filled with mindless activities; you become hypnotized by them and trapped in the ongoing chitter-chatter of your mind.

Basically, your life is passing away and you have no clue what you are missing. For example, that drive home from work where you forget you are driving and have spent your time thinking. What do you suppose you missed on the drive if you would have instead been more mindful? Not only that though, becoming more mindful improves your life in literally life saving ways. So, use these 12 ways to become more mindful and start LIVING your life.

12 Ways to Become More Mindful

1. Get out of your head. Life is what’s happening on the outside of you, not what our mind is thinking about.

2. Fully experience your physical senses by taking time to see, hear and feel what’s going on around you. Taste your food and smell the aromas.

3. Change your routine. Habits put you in a hypnotic state, so do them in a different order and different way to force yourself to pay more attention to what you are doing.

4. Practice different types of meditation. Meditation strengthens your mind, here’s a free Art of Meditation eBook to get you started.

5. Set mindfulness reminders. There are free apps you can get or set an alarm to go off once an hour so you can check in with yourself and remember to be more mindful to what is going on.

6. Immerse yourself in one activity at a time. Slow down and savor everything you do, experience each task fully and completely and keep your eye on even the mundane details. You’ll find so much that you are missing.

7. Feel how your body moves through time and space, how it positions itself, how it communicates with you and others.

8. Practice Yoga. Not only does yoga bring your mind and body into union, you will feel better and get in great shape.

9. Keep a journal and write about how mindful you were and what you can become more mindful of tomorrow.

10. Keep a “Things to do List”. Getting everything out of your head and down no paper frees yourself from worrying about forgetting important things.

11. Stop chasing clouds. You are not your thoughts or feelings. They are clouds that pass through your mind, just allow them to pass without chasing them or feeling as if you are them.

12. Grab a mindfulness partner or work with an Online Life Coach to help you build a personalized mindfulness practice.

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