12 Ways to Become More Creative

12 Ways to Become More CreativeCreativity is not just for artists, everyone needs to have creative skills to help resolve any number of life’s problems, make decisions, figure out how to do a lot with a little or just stay entertained. With this in mind, consider choosing something from this list of 12 ways to become more creative and start to get your juices flowing to live a more inspired life.

12 Ways to Become More Creative

1. Always learn new things, it doesn’t matter what. It helps to make a list of everything you are interested in, when you are finished learning about one topic, move on to another. Not only will you keep your creativity flowing, you will become much smarter and well rounded. Plus, you’ll have a healthier brain.

2. Play! Life is too short to be so serious, so lighten up and become more playful. Make a conscious choice to find times to pretend as play as you did as a child.

3. Solve puzzles. Crossword puzzles, word find, math, whatever your taste in puzzles always one around to work your brain out with.

4. Doodle! You don’t have to be an artist, just scribble away at whatever  you feel like, the hand/mind coordination will help in amazing ways, and your creative center will become fired up.

5. Play music, sing, make up songs. Who cares if you are tone deaf? Do it anyway, you’ll be amazed at how it helps wake up your inner muse.

6. Try new things, new foods, new movies, do anything that you’ve never done before. It doesn’t have to be great, grand or glorious, even trying little things will help in big ways.

7. Re-arrange your schedule. Most of what we do keeps our minds in 82% automation. Literally, we are sleep walking through most of our day. When you change up your normal schedule you are forced to think your way through your day more mindfully and that is a huge wake up call.

8. Become an expert problem solver in a specialty you enjoy by answering questions on places like Yahoo answers. Solving other people’s problems gets your creativity burning to make it easier to solve your own.

9. Meditate. This is a powerful tool to relieve stress and gain so many benefits, creativity is one of them.

10. Work with an Online Life Coach to gain more ideas about how to add the powers of creativity to your life.

11. Start a blog and write about whatever you feel like. Telling stories about your life or favorite activities will keep you on your toes, and if you set it up right you could just earn a few pennies along the way.

12. Increase your vocabulary. The more words you know, the more fully you can experience the world around you because you have a deeper way to describe your experiences to yourself.

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